EnerMAX Case with 450 PSU?

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Looking for some insight here,,

I saw this case that I liked,, NEXT to the ALIENWARE that I wanted,,, however,, it is an Enermax, with the Fan Stamp window on the side and cool sound activated purple neon lights,,

comes with a 450 PSU which will be good as it has the option for 3 cooling fans and they run on the +12v rail,, so I want to ensure that my P4 has plenty of juice once I add in all the toys,,

question is ,, for my budget,, EnerMaX looks good,, but ,, for long term,, should I keep savIng??

Help me save a buck if I need to.. just hate wasting money!

cheers :D
How much is this enermax case?
Im not too fond of their cases, but they make decent power supplies.
I like the Antec 1080AMG case, comes with a 430 Watt Power Supply. That one is running about $130.
Ive got a Thermaltake Xaser III with the side window.. granted it didnt come with a power supply, but it came with alot more goodies, like 7 fans, harcano fan control, filters for every fan. Its a kick ass case, but not too many people want to spend $135 on just a case... i ended up ordering a Antec TruePower 550watt Power Supply. That should be enough for all my fans, dual cathode, AMD 2800 and DVDRW and CDRW.

I guess it all comes down to what you want to spend, what are some things that you want and dont want to live without.
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