Energy Efficient Gaming Laptop?


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Hi. For the first time in my life I'm looking to buy a computer. Specifically, a laptop, but I want to get one that will be able to run most games, at least on medium to low settings (without exploding). However, I need it to have decent battery life (see requirements for details on battery life).

The most important thing I guess is that I want a gaming laptop that is powerful enough to run what I want it to run but is able to tone it down and do some word processing, or web browsing without being plugged into a wall 24/7.

The main requirements are:

  • a laptop that is 14' - 15' (I don't care if it weighs 100 pounds as long as it fits in my backpack)
  • powerful (laptop)GPU (no less than a GeForce GT 555M)
  • powerful CPU
  • decent battery life

By decent battery life I mean:


  • 1.5 hours high CPU usage
  • 2.5 hours low CPU usage


  • 2+ hours high CPU usage
  • 4+ hours low CPU usage

Mostly, the more battery life it has the better, but I'm not willing to sacrifice any more CPU or GPU than is necessary to meet my preferred battery life, and even then I don't want to sacrifice much. Battery life may become particularly important as I am unsure if my university classes will have outlets available near where I am seated.

Do you have any advice as to how to get the most powerful computer I can without having a low battery life?

I was thinking that the Alienware M14x might be a good option, but I've heard that Alienware is full of problems, overpriced, and has bad customer service so I'm rather concerned. Also, due to its price ($2000+), theft might be somewhat of a concern.

Anyways, thanks for reading this and I would really appreciate any recommendations, especially if you own a laptop that you feel would be suitable.

Also, what do you think of Alienware? Have you ever had any problems with it personally? Do you feel that it is worth the money?


p.s. I don't know when any new computers are coming out, but I will probably be buying this laptop in June so models that have not yet come out but will by June are also possible.

p.p.s. I'm okay with the idea of an external battery pack, but I'll only use one if it brings the battery life above my preferred numbers. (2+ high CPU, 4+ low CPU)

So essentially, for external battery packs, battery life must meet the preferred requirements, not the minimum.

Tommy Boy

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Check out the Asus G73SW, it has decent battery life, some say 2.5 to 3 hours on light battery use. And at $1500 it seems like a bargain compared to the Alienware. But honestly, I don't think high performace and good battery life go together well. It takes power to make performance, but check out that laptop and see what you think. I think it looks mighty good.