Enabling USB ports 3 & 4

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Say Guys, I want to use the front mounted USB ports on my new case. There are two sets of wires (4 each) from the front USB ports. There are NO pin markings at all on the motherboard (ECS K7VZA) nor does the manual show how to connect the wires. Did some searching on the net but can't find any info so far. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Collieman
unfortunatly, your motherboard must have connectors for the USB ports, if there are no places on the mobo that the connectors will fit... your out of luck.
Sorry about that, read your post too fast. Does this help?


if not then more info is here:

Ecniv, That's what I needed!! I see that ECS redesigned their site and I was having difficutly accessing it for some reason. Probably because I use Net 4.8. Now I'm worried that I might have done harm to the board as those pin assignments are way different than other boards that I checked out for pin connections. I going try it again according to the pic you found. I'll get back to ya. Thanks a million. Collieman
Ecniv, Thought we had it. Carefully placed the wires on the correct pins according to the chart and pic but when I try to access the scanner it says the USB cable isn't connected. Scanner still works on the rear ports. I removed the front panel from the case to see if something there was amiss but it's OK. Don't see anything in system properties that shouldn't be there. Maybe I messed up the header by not having the wires correctly hooked up the first time. I thought the USB2 header connections were all the same. This is different than my K7S5A board. I wanted to use my new 64meg micro drive on those front ports as it's a hassle reaching behind the computer. Thanks again Ecniv. Collieman
Try uninstalling teh drivers for those usb devices, rebooting, then placing them back in the front ports, you shouldnt have damaged anything by hooking it up wrong. Also, check your bios and see if there is an option to enable the 2nd set of USB ports.
I have the second set of USB ports "enabled" in the BIOS. I know what you mean by uninstalling the USB devices but I'm lost on how to install them in the front ports. On rebooting won't that do that automatically? In sys properties/USB controllers it shows the scanner recieving power (496ma) and 1 port available. So it can kinda see it. Even has a little icon of the scanner.
just un-install them, remove device from back ports and leave it unplugged, reboot computer, then plug in front ports and tell me if it says anything
by the way, just to be clear, dont plug the thing in untill your at your desktop, this way, if the ports are working, you should see the new USB device thing, in your task bar
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