Enabled cookies but still not able to log in.

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I am having a problem with my cookies. Some of the websites that I access are giving me a message saying that I must enable cookies in order to log-in. I enabled cookies but it still won't let me enter the sites. Previously I have never had a problem logging on to these sites. I loaded ad-aware on my computer and it checked my computer and found 168 problems. I backed them up and them deleted them as suggested. This has not helped. I still can't get into my Paypal site, AOL anywhere, or a couple other sites. Other than deleting everything on my computer and starting again what can I do to fix this problem. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
What browser/version are you using? Maybe clear your cache and delete existing cookies to start over? And then check your browser settings. And with the logging in thing, you may want to check if you allow persistent cookies that aren't per session. ? Good luck
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