Empire Earth Art of Conquest

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Hey, My name is bryan and i was a past moderator for this forum, i quit for college though because i wanted to excell in life, so i see the site has come along very great, i have build one of my own, if you have the spare time check it out : www.co-clan.com

but besides that point..
Empire earth aoc as we call it is kind of a hidden treasure. It's 5 years old but probably the best rts game on the market. It is only like 5 dollars so its a cheap easy buy. It has 300-400 people on at all times and it has such amazing replay value. The custom civs that it has, lets you change your system of playing every time, which just brings you back every time refining your strategies. I hope you all post on my forums or just buy the game and play.. It is truly a hidden gem.:eek:
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