Email to my brother about my car. And the system being put in it. Need ideas!

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That is alot of information their...

Anyways... Everything im looking at is here.

I mean there are passive tubes, and amplified tubes. What in the hell does that mean? Im assuming that with the amplified, I might not need an amp? But with the passive i do? I dont know, but whatever I do i want power. I mean I wanna go down the street, and I wantpeople to hear it. Get some heads turning! Lol! But im serious. Im actually looking for something like 120 decibles (sp). My friend has a 4runner. And hes got a 900 watt system in it. He can hit about 120 decibles. I want something hella lound! Anyways.. If I get can amp, with like the amplified tubes, then what, I get double the power? Oh shit, I wish! So.. Another quesion is: What size on the tubs. I was looking at these..

But, really, do i need that? Should I go down to some 6 inch ones. Remember these are going to be right behind me. But I do want the power! I was thinking 10s but I didnt even think those would fit back their. And because these are going to be right behind me, should i get passive, or amplified ones?

Next thing.. Tweeters and midranges.
What shold I get for these? I mean.. I want them good. And they need to equal with the bass. Meaning like... I want to be able to hear voice out of them, when im craking my tubes.!!
I was checking out these
and these

So, im sure those are okay, to compensate with the tubes. Although.. I still need to get a cd player. What could you suggest for that? And remember how I want two 200 watt bazooka tubes? Well, these satelites are 100 each. So, that means ill need an amp for those too. Or a really powerfull one? I have no idea...

So, Im guessing you know what I want by now. So.. Uh.. can you just kinda show me what you think ill need. Anything will do. I want it loud, and good sound. Doesnt have to be like top of the line, but I do want it to be able to handle a bunch of power. I want people to hear the bass out side of the car. Like when im driving down the street, I want people to be able to hear it. With or without the windows down.

But you know what... Common sense just kicked in. Read this first!! Forget about the top, I just didnt delete it, because, i typed it all, hahaha

Well I am only 15. This is some nice stuff. And ill have time to upgrade. So mabye just a cheap 6inch tube. Or like.. an 8in that is only 100watt. I mean ill be drivng with the parents for another half year. And even after that I wont have too much money. So how about a little change.

So, lets look at this stuff...
Two of these tube (6 inch and 100 watts)

Or even this would be better

But the problem is that, for a 200 dollar amplified bass thats 6 inches, I could get a 10 inch passive. And because ill be riding with the parents, ill be needing something a little bit more friendly sounding. I cant always be headbanging wihth the parents. So.. Lets see.. Im actually thinking of something like this now..

tube two of these


6inch two of these

6x9'' two of these

And if for some reason I cant get the cash, forget the satelites. Ill just get the amp, and tubes. Anywas.. What do you think about everything. And mind you, ill still need a cd player. So please hook me up with some input.

Im looking at these for cd players. But im not sure what fits in the car. I have the dimnetions in the begining thread.

But yeah... those are all like 22, and 16 watts x4. Talk about crap sound, especially with two 100watt tubes. Maybe go down to one tube? But if I do that, ill need to get a different, less powerfull amp. This is confusing. Im gonna stop. Lol.. Well anything to you can tell me. Please do. Thanks bro, night.
Ok, well that is what I sent my brother. Thank you so much for actually reading all of that. But im just wondering.. What do you think that should do. If you understand my prediciment. And the first link at the top of the page is the link to my thread inthe General Electricals.

Please, any suggestions at all!

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Shape and style. I mean, their perfect for a car. And everything else of the same sort, that I found, was too expensive for what I need.


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ahah i saw that one on Pimp my ride, they used like a crane to life it up..

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Dev0115 said:
ahah i saw that one on Pimp my ride, they used like a crane to life it up..
yeah and a forklift to bring it

lol why would you waste your money on a sub that big?
lol, I wouldn't, I just wanted to see his reaction