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K - in Outlook 2003 I have a user who's email signature's font blows up to like a 16 but only when replying to a select few in out address book. Outgoing emails are fine, outgoing replies are fine. When replying to one of the select few in our address book the signautre expoldes to this extra-large font. She only has 1 signature created and uses that signature for new messages and replies and forwards. She is the only person of all my users that has this problem - could be profile based but we have recreated her windows profile as well as her mail profile and this issue will not go away. I have tried every setting in outlook I can think of and this only seems to happen when replying but replying only to people in our global address list. Any suggestions??


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dont' use Word as your email editor - and change the format to Rich Text instead of HTML.

I had the same issue, however, mine was happening with Outlook 2000. I don't have the slightest clue as to why it would happen, but changing to Rich Text instead of HTML and not using Word as my email editor worked!


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