Email Mailbox Sharing Alternative


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I'm new here so I apologize if this question isn't in the right location. We have users that are configured to view each other's email mailboxes (Exchange). They do this because if one person is on vacation someone has the ability to access and find customer email. It's a security concern for me because now anyone has the ability to see all mail in a person's account, not just what they need to find for a customer. They like it because it's convenient but to me it poses a security risk. It would just take one person to misuse the capability. They are against using group email addresses and having customers send/receive from those. I could set up forwarding for when users are out but they may have received customer email from weeks before that needs to be accessed. It would only help for new incoming email while a person is on vacation. Does anyone have any possible solutions? I did a search online but only find shared mailbox solutions and that option is not viable here.
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