Elite Computer Build!!! ****

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Elite Computer Build!!! ****

Antec Sonata II
AMD 3700+
256 MB x 2 Leadtek 6800GT
1 GB DDR2 4200 Corsair TwinX (512 x 2)
Asus A8N-SLi Deluxe
Seagate 160GB
LiteOn SOHW-1693S-01C
Zalman CNPS7700-CU
Hyundai ImageQuest B90A 19"
Case = £85 (OcUK)
CPU = £221 (Scan)
RAM = £75 (Scan)
Motherboard = £103 (Scan)
HDD = £58 (Scan)
GFX = £492 (OcUK)
DVDRW = £31 (Scan)
CPU Cooler = £35 (OcUK)
Monitor = £233 (OcUK)

I hope this computer will be able to play UT2004!

Hah messing i'd like this computer to OWN in like 2/3 years time and be able to play Quake 4 and all the big upcoming titles.

So is it ALL compatable?

I noticed on my last build the video card (Nvida) had to be upsidedown (so the fan points downwards) this seemed very odd, should it be like this? ... same went for a PCI 5200. :(


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Very nice. Just a little better than mine... hah! But yeah, its all good. Just make sure you have a power supply of 450W or better... cause sli sucks out a lot! Yeah, but dude... in 2/3 years... *sigh* that'll be outdated. The top comp now is...
the new dual core amd 4800, the x2.
some sli mobo
dual 7800's in sli config
4 gigs of ram
the best sound blaster audigy zs or wtv.
two 74gb 10,000 rpm hd
liquid cooling
some case that has a freakin 600w power supply
the logticech 5500's and some nice keyboard and mouse setup


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Yeah, you're right. 1000 pounds is almost $1800. $5000 is a LOT more. But then again, I didn't build that comp. That was just the ultimate comp for now.


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U overpayed big style mate!! But its still an absolutely immense system!! And by the way tony ur system sounds brilliant and is all compatible!!! Is that hard drive sata or at? coz sata's faster!