[Ebay uk] I'm selling Fear (PC DVD) plus extras


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Hi guys, I'm sellings Fear on ebay if anyone from the UK is interested, I can ship for overseas customers but I will only accept paypal and will send you and invoice to let you know how much the p&p will be for your item, Here's the link and details:

Fear (PC DVD) £1.99


extras inlude:

Special FEAR comic book, "Making Of F.E.A.R." documentary, developers' roundtable commentary, live-action declassified interviews with Alma, and F.E.A.R. Machinima -- a F.E.A.R. Game contained entirely on a Single DVD

and two pc games included:

Freedom fighters
Who Shot Johnny Rock (CD Only)

I'm also selling some other stuff such as a couple of doctor who books and star trek videos, here's the link to the full list


All These items finish on sunday