Eating my words about windows 10


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South Africa
So due to loadshedding I lost a laptop RIP Lenove, got a new DELL Inspiron 5000 series, i7 8thgen, radeon 520 i think... modest little laptop...but windows ten.... now ive been going around this forum bashing windows ten but let me tell you after a few days on it im really impressed... It requires more tweaking out of the box like setting metered connection removing bloatware, theme settings, indexing settings just to mention a few. Im still struggling with a few things like a extended display that doesn't pick up unless i plug the laptop into another display and then back into the old one then it works again for a while. If anybody has suggestions on that Id love some pointers as i did look at drivers and update rollbacks but nothing has surfaced.

So ive run through a few online lists of things to do to make win ten faster, if you have any tips that arent all over the web please do share ?

I was wrong.