DVI to 2 VGA splitter - 2 monitors


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Hi, I've noticed at work what seems to be a single DVI output to 2 VGA monitors. I have borrowed one of the cables used and wonder if it's possible to do the same thing at home. Naturally being at work, they use Dell pcs, and I was wondering if it's something specific with there kit. I run 2 VGA monitors off my gfrx card using 2 DVI to VGA adapters (one per port). Is it possible to connect just one DVI to one port and have an extended desktop?

(cable like this http://www.cable-trader.co.uk/images/items/CABLE-563_DVI-D_VGA.JPG)


hmm seems to be that the cable doesn't fit into my 6600GT DVI port because there is too many pins - guess it must be bespoke to dell


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I work for IT at my school and our dell computers use that same type of dongle. Its not a regular DVI as you may notice, it's a dell proprietary DVI that they use on their workstation cards. It wouldn't work for a normal port. there are a few different types, but basically it just allows them to run two monitors from one port so they can use dual monitors with a small form factor video card with 1 port on it because the computers are small like optiplex 280,270,260,240 and etc.


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On a regular computer 1 port on a splitter to 2 separate monitors means the same video on both screens (not extended desktop). My school used them for teacher's computers. To have a monitor and projector both work on the same system without having to plug and unplug all the time. Without something like what 01001010 posted it won't work as an extended desktop.