Dvd ripper? (legal)

Half Evil

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I own a pretty old dvd, and its gettin pretty scratched. So, is there any prog that will work for free. I want to rip it on my computer. Ive searched Download.com, and still nothing, id try google, but i figure that download.com has all the good stuff. So yeah please provide something good for me to use.

if you must know that its legit, the movie is:
Indiana Jones; and The Last Crusaide


Fully Optimized
You can go to Walmart and get a cheap program, but I haven't seen any freeware DVD Rippers.
Edit: If youy keep the DVD for yourself and don't give it out then it should be legal.

Half Evil

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Im aware of the laws. Thanks :) But, there has got to be a free trail or somethin out there. Only for one dvd.. gah! Its pissing me off, lol.