DVD Freeze up

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Hey guys, this is my first post here.

I came to ask a question. You see, I recently bought a DVD-ROM Drive (made by LG). Problem is, every once in a while the DVD will freeze while playing, and not only freeze that program, but the entire PC stops responding (even the front power button).

I am curious if this is a software or hardware issue. heres my specs

Intel Celeron 900mhz
TNT2 Aladdin 32MB graphics card (onboard)
16X DVD, 48X CD drive
PowerDVD software

anything I can mess around with to see if any changes occur? I can only run the DVDs on 800x600 res or else I notice some serious chop. The graphics chip is my first guess, but I'm here for a second opinion.
Sounds like the computer cant handle the load it takes to decode and play a DVD on the fly. Try using different DVD playback software, but if it still continues, you may need to get a PCI decode rcard to lighten the load on your computer.
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