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I have a hp200i dvd+r burner and i was wondering how i can copy a dvd that has a copyright on it. Please send me soem help. I figured with a dvd burner i could do it but i guess not. I have a version of nero but it still will not let me do it.
there is software out there that can do it, but its legality is questionable. Not something we are involved in here.
But why would they make a dvd buner that couldnt go around copyrights if you are trying to make a backup copy of a dvd
Because making a backup of a DVD Movie is not the idea behind DVD burners. They are for storing mass amounts of data. Not stealing flicks.
LOOK no one is trying to steal and break the law. I just know some DVD that i have and would like to make a copy of them. and since they are copyrighted. I know there are ways that you can make a backup of those DVDs. I was just asking becuase i figured someone would know.
Do a search on Google.
WE do NOT discuss things of questionable legality on these forums. The forum is privatly owned, and as long as you post here, you WILL follow our rules.
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