dvd / cd drive + services error :S


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hello. This is about the 2nd time in about as many months that i've had this problem, and th only solution i've found so far is wiping the hard drive and starting afresh.

My problem is this. I have a DVD burner and a DVD ROM drive, which i KNOW both work, as i've tried them on another pc, but if i plug either in, windows will start, all will go swimmingly untill windows tries to install it (with the DVD burner, the little bubble explaining the hardware changes / installation says TSCorp DVD Burner (or something like that)... and then another bubble comes up saying CD Drive...) During both of these bubble things th PC is REALLY slow (would take about 10 minutes to shut down) but in between them is fine. It does this with both drives. When it has all fninished windows is REALLY slow. CTRL, ALT + DELETE shows that something called services is taking up about 95-99% of the cpu.

I've only plugging one drive in at a time, and both, but it does the same thing every time. Is there anything i can do to solve this? or is there a problem with the motherboard or something?

Any help greatly appreciated


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When you do a fresh install of windows it should take care of the optical drive installation , when its in install phase. not when you boot into windows

are they both plugged in one master one slave.

are you trying to install any other type of driver?

did they come with any drivers?

what models are the drives?