DVD Burner errors


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Hi there guys and gals,

I'm having some issues with my DVD burners.

My internal DVD drive (a NEC ND3530A DVD RW) wasn't originally reading any type of disc but after flashing the drive I fixed this problem only to discover that I was still unable to burn DVD's. So whilst I was fixing this problem I purchased an external Matshita UDJA770 that was advertised as a DVD RW. When I plugged the unit in via the USB port the computer recognised the hardware. I downloaded StarBurn (probably not the best software around but it was free) and discovered that I can only burn to the discs in *.VOB, *.IFO or *.BUP formats. So I downloaded an AVI to VOB converter. After all this hassle I thought I'd check that the external (the UDJA770) is recognising the blank DVD-RW I'm putting in the tray and nearly screamed when it wouldn't even recognise the disc as being in the tray let alone the wrong type. I was hoping this was as simple as reinstalling some drivers but can't find any online anywhere. If I pay £29.99 DriverTool will install indate drivers for my entire computer but I begrudge paying £29.99 for something I can do myself...

Do I pay the £29.99 or can I fix this myself? If so how?

Thanks in advance :)


I've never once needed drivers for a dvd rw.. .vob format? that's correct, I don't see what you are having a problem with because the formats you listed are dvd formats which when burnt to a disk that's the format..

UDJA770 =cd rw /dvd drive not a dvdrw, best bet is by a cheap dvd-rw their not more expensive then 15pound on ebay

And if I was you I'd use shrinktodvd for cdrw disks to burn films to cd disks and when you have the correct dvd rw drive I'd use ConvertXtoDvd..


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Doesn't windows 7 (even XP maybe) have built in burning software. I know it's not great but it should let you burn any kind of file to the DVD.

Do not use DriverTool as those kinds of programs are typically filled with Spyware/Malware (in my experiences).

There is also a free program I use for ISO DVD's called FreeISOBurner (Free ISO Burner). I've also used ImgBurn a few times for all types of burning (The Official ImgBurn Website)

I've never needed drivers for a CD/DVD drive either.

It does appear (as IAnt said) that the Matshita UDJA770 is only a CD-RW/DVD Rom. In other words it can burn CD's but not DVD's. You can pick up an internal DVD burner from newegg for $15-25 or an external one for $30-40.