Dust is indeed a computer's worst enemy


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This is probably more of a social lounge post, but oh well.

sort of rant/

Today I was playin some WoW and I also had AIM, Vent, Skype, and Firefox open, and I had noticed that my fans were incredibly loud. I thought to myself "this isn't normal" so I open up Everest and looked at my CPU temp. It was 67 degrees C. I immediately thought "Yeah, Pentium D processors naturally run hot, but they aren't supposed to be that hot!" , so without further thinking I went to my local Wal-Mart and picked up a can of air duster. I didn't even bother to open the case before hand because I knew this was the problem. Sure enough when I get home and pop the side panel off, there is a lot of dust all around the computer, particularly the HSF. So, I dusted all of that off, put everything back together, and proceeded to stress my processor, this time by using even more programs than before. My CPU now runs at 60 degrees C full load, which is perfectly safe for this line of processors. ;) /rant


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I read about something like this in A+ Certification. I forget what it was... Preventive Maintenance I think. Idk but great im glad you fixed it!


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Order a bunch of cheap air filters. My case is sweet for not having any dust. I just have to wipe off the filters once a month.


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You'd be amazed at what fiberglass window screen can do to help keep dust out. Cut squares to fit the fan opening and sandwich the screen between the fan and the case. Bit more of a pain to get out and get back in but it does get a lot of the dust.