Duplicolor Mirage Paint Job

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For the most part, I just wanted to be a show-off...but I also wanted to post a link to my website documenting how I spray painted my my case with Duplicolor Mirage (the color changing stuff), and how amazed I was with the finish from a rattle can! And, yes, I know, I should have painted the drive bezels, and I still may...but if you read the article, you will see why I didn't. Tell me what you guys think I should do next... window? I think so!

Check it out and let me know what you think:


That Paint Job Looks AwESomE!,,,

wonder if I am able to get that stuff in CANADA,,

we's a little bit behind up here ye know, eh?
Thanks for the compliments. As for availability in Canada, I am not too sure... but you could always check their website to see if one of their retailers are close by... You may even be able to order it online!
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