Duke Nukem Forever Multiplayer


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I bought Duke the day before release and played it at midnight, but only one problem, i go into multiplayer and click on 'quick match' and it says I am not logged in but I am logged into steam and these is no option on the duke settings to log into multiplayer.

Can anyone help with this?

Oh and here is my review

If you guys can remember the original Duke Nukem 3D, it is basically a sequal to it, so if you play it don't think it is just a remake of 3D but with better graphics ( i thought of that at first)
Now alot of people are comparing the game to modern games like the new call of duty and such, I think this is a litte bit harsh considering 3D Realms went through so many engines from 1998 to 2004 i think to get the graphics looking good. But if this people in the bad review comments were a real Duke Nukem Fan they would be comparing it to Duke Nuke 3D. the Cycloid emperor(one eye freak) looks way better. it basically has the same monsters from duke nukem 3D but in way better detail. But of course you always get haters.

My opinion it was worth buying only because I am a true Duke Nukem Fan and I have been waiting since I was 14(i'm now 21) for this game to come out and it was as duke would say "It's good!"

So my guarantee if you are a real duke nukem fan you will not be let down


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I've not played this game as of yet but if possible, could you please update your main post with a small review of the game? Also i hope that you will get your problem fixed as soon as possible and i believe that Steam Support would be the best place to get the answer for your question.