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I want to set up two hard drives, have one run Windows and the other Linux, but i dont want to partition my hard drive. Is there any way to set up two hard drives?

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yes. that is the way I have my PC set up. when you install your second hard drive, you have a couple options from there, you can use windows to format the drive or you can just install linux and let linux do the formatting when you choose to install in on the second hard drive.

not to detail right now, cause i'm in a hurry, but if you have any questions, post again and I or someone will respond.
Yeah, it's pretty simple really.

In a nutshell, windows depends on the bios to provide information on all of your system devices. linux, bsd, and unix all work completely independent of your bios and retain that information within the OS.

so as long as you install windows first, you can install linux to whatever partition you like and use LILO to dictate which OS to load at boot.
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