Duct taping a hard disk to the case


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Ready for a nother stupid newb question?
Ok, so I just got my pc put together, and all is working fine but... Never having built a pc before I figured the case would come with something to mount my hard drive with, but it didn't. I assumed this because my old case had something in it. If my hard drive came with a mount, I've long since lost it, figuring incorrectly that I would never need it anyway.
So, I took the hard drive's old mount from my old case, put it in sideways like the old case had it mounted in, in case laying it flat might damage it or something, and duct taped the sucker in place. I made sure the tape only touched the old case mount or the area that had a big sticker on the top, and there is air circulating near the holes in the bottom of the case mount, I can see circit board through the holes so I figure that part needs ventilation.
Is there anything wrong with this that I need to know about? It isn't wiggling. Like, anyone aware of any static problems with duct tape, or is there a certian way hard drives should lay, or anything like that?
It's kinda sad to look through my nifty new window with it's green and blue glow and shiny black stuff to see something so clumsily rigged, but cables are ugly too so I think I can live with that.
lol yah I would not plan on leaving the drive that way. It probably won't cause any problems that way but it will if the duct tape comes loose, and it usually does when there are often changes in temperature. So its like zoomtm said. ;)
There shouldn't be any problems duct taping to the case. Just be sure they're not touching vital electrical components underneath the drive or covering it up.

I would suggest in the future, buy a new drive retail and it comes with a mount. For now, it will get the job done--probably looks kind of funny I can imagine.
None of the screw holes line up with any of the screw holes on my hard drive. I always think clearer after the toddler has gone to bed, so now the obvious has occured to me. Buy a seperate mounting kit. How "Duh?" can you get? Should something like that work with a 3.5 hard drive? I guess I can take the whole thing up to the store I got the drive from and see if they have a rack.
The duct tape will do for now, surely it'll hold up for a couple of weeks.
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