Dual monitors???

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Whats the deal with dual monitors? What do i need to set another one up?

For the business users - for displaying media, content and business info while concentrating on another task with another monitor.

Most video cards now ship with dual-outputs for dual-monitor display; so check out the electronics store for that. :)
As geforce said, most recent video cards ship with a VGA connector and a DVI connector... in order to use dual monitors, you need a DVI to VGA adaptor (unless you have a fancy LCD monitor :D)..

the other option is to throw in another video card. If you already have an AGP card, you can probably pick up a crappy PCI card for cheap... but it's probably not really worth it, unless you need to have a huge desktop (like 2048x768 or something)
to do a relatively cheap dual monitor setup, the ATI Radion 7500 is a good solution

It has everything you need in the box and has very easy to use setup utilities.

With a dual monitor setup, you can have each monitor running at a different resolution, refresh rate and color depth.

If you tend to have multiple programs open and flip between them alot, then a multi monitor setup would be a benefit.

The computer will most likely "remember" which application runs in which window... for example, I have a small 17" screen which I use as a second monitor... and when I lauch email, it always opens full screen on the smaller monitor.. which photoshop always opens on the bigger screen.

You can also span a single application over both monitors, however, unless both screens are the same size have a very small bezel (the plastic that surrounds the screen, you will not find the application very usable.
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