Dual Monitors Win 98

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I would like to install Dual Monitors. I am running Win 98SE
Pentium III 900 mghtz - 30 GEG HD. Can this be done without screwing up the syatem ?

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Yes you can...
you can have two graphic cards ...or one graphics card having two connectors (the memory is shared between them )many graphics cards come with two ports now-a-days...
Here is how to do it...

Shutdown the computer, install the card, hook up the monitor to the new card and restart your computer. Windows will prompt you through installing the required drivers. Once you get the drivers installed you restart again. If everything is configured correctly, both monitors should come to life. First, your primary or master monitor will initialize with the memory test and loading as normal. The other monitor will display the following message.

"If you can read this message, Windows has successfully initialized this display adapter. To use this adapter as part of your Windows desktop, open the display option in the Control Panel and adjust the settings on the Settings tab."

If you see this message, congratulations, you've done everything right! (If it didn't work, don't give up! Try reinstalling the drivers. If you used the drivers provided by Windows... try the drivers that came with your new video card or visa-versa.
hmm hey out of curiosity ive never tryed it but i have a onboard video card in one of my comps and i disabled it because i bot a better video card for gaming GForce 4 but can i enable the onboard one and have them both working with dual monitors?
Most likely, but it would depend on the specific card(s). I've had a dual monitor setup working perfectly on a Packard Bell comp with onboard AGP video and a Voodoo3 PCI.
im not that good with the bios configs and that shit, how would i go about setting it up so i can have my onboard and Geforce 4 vid cards going?
First you should check to see if your onboard video is AGP or PCI.. if it's AGP, you're better off to just get a cheap PCI card as I don't think two AGP cards would work together. If it's PCI, just enable it and see if it works. If not, there should be a BIOS setting called "Primary Video Card" or something similar. Make sure it's set to PCI, as Windows can sometimes be picky about that sort of thing.
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