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I am currently running a DELL 4100 with Win ME 20GB HD
I want to install XP pro on a second hard drive in the Computer like a dual HD system
Is there a site where I can find out how to do this with 2 OS and 2 hard drives?


or you can make more partitions of a harddisk without losing data
so,if u got data on the hdd on which u wanna install win xp,and dont got space to copy it on 1st hdd,then partition it with partition magic(www.powerquest.com)
but it,it worths it
Regardles.. just upgrade ME. ME is the worst OS ever.. I have never heard anything good about it.. XP seems like A dream once you get it
OK how 'bout this: Can I move ME onto my new HDD, then upgrage XP onto that? What software allows you to change the OS' hard drive? I want to get rid of my old one, as i have two new ones.
Actually, I belive you can install the upgrade as if it were a full install. iirc, all the upgrade asks for is an old windows cd to verify previous purchase of a windows platform (or at least, that's how I remember win2k as being).
Well..if you can upgrade from 98/ME to 2000/XP/NT, then I don't think you'll need the old (98/ME) files since it's a complete new filesystem and almost everything is changed..so I beleive the upgrade replaces each and everyfile required by the OS to run..so you'll have everything you need with just an upgrade. :)
just to be completely sure of myself (ha!), when I put in the XP cd, it will ask me which drive I want to put it on, and I can choose my new one, yeah? I havent bought it yet.
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