dual channel vs triple, is there a thread?

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I've been searching and searching about ddr3, I've found a few minor things, but I'm seeing a lot of reviews talking about dual channel might have a couple higher readings on benchmarks, but in gaming triple channel was better?

I'm going to be getting a new rig sooner or later, x58 mobo, sli.. stick to triple channel? ddr3 1600 or something?
From what I've heard there isn't much of a difference - in real world maybe a fraction of a frame each second.
There's no difference in the RAM itself. It's how your cpu uses the ram. The i7s (1336 socket) have a triple channel memory controller, so its best to use 6gb of ram, 2gb for each channel. AMD and the rest of intel's cpus use double channel memory, so its best to get 4gb, 2gb for each channel.

It's like having a divided highway, you want just enough lanes to be able to keep traffic moving quickly. Having a non divided highway means less volume at once, since you have to share the road.
RAM doesn't really affect "FPS." You would mostly notice its effectiveness in loading times, multitasking, multiple web apps running, etc.... don't go to town on RAM to make a gaming machine...

Skt 1156 has been proven a fine gaming platform for now and a year or two in the future. I am FAIRLY certain core i7-900 seriees+ are good for heavy CPU applications and/or BIG TIME crossfire (like two 5970s or gtxs 480s). So unless you are going big in GPU setups you won't really need to worry about ram for gaming applications as long as you have minimum 2 gigs with winXP and 3-4 with Vista/7.
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