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Is it possible to dual boot Windows 2000 and windows XP home edition...if so how?

Please help.

if you have XP running,, just go into the help file and do a search on dual boot,,

the menu will give you the step by step process,, and open all the necessary windows that need openin'

it is fairly simple,, tooo long to type out,,

check out the help files,,

why would you want to dual boot 2000 and XP?

They are basically the same OS just XP has the childish plastic look :p

(Play Skool)
I just wnted to install both of them to check out the various features and software compatibility..thats all
install win2k first before winxp to have the dual boot sequence. Else you will realise it wont work.

Win2k is design for server applications, with NT security, NTFS encryption and WIN98's Plug and Play functionability. WINXP is a further enhancement of WIN2k meant for gaming and multimedia purpose.
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