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I have a computer with 2 hard drives, both IDE. I have installed win7 rc on the master drive, and Ubuntu 9.10 on the slave drive. I stopped using the RC (because it expired), so I have Ubuntu working great, booting off the slave drive. I would like to wipe the win7 drive, and install Moblin on it. I was wondering if their was a way to dual boot them off of 2 separate drives, without reinstalling Ubuntu. I have GRUB installed on the MBR of the slave drive. I don't care if I have 2 stages of bootloaders, nor do i care if I have to use the Moblin bootloader.

Thank you.
After doing some quick googling (not sure how accurate this information is) it seems as if Moblin acts like Windows in regard to its boot loader... basically most people are suggesting to install Moblin first, then Ubuntu second.

Of course, you don't HAVE to do that. You could install Moblin, boot to an Ubuntu LiveCD, and recover the Grub boot loader. I personally have not tried Moblin/Ubuntu as dual boot, so I don't want to say this as "matter of fact" but more like "what I just read through my 30 seconds of google browsing."

I recently had to recover Grub on a spare dual boot machine I have when my Windows install tanked and I redid it, which took out Grub so I couldn't boot to Ubuntu. It wasn't hard to do at all.
GENIUS IDEA!!!! Make 2 partitions on master drive, install Moblin into Partition 1, install Ubuntu into partition 2. Edit grub on partition 2 to boot partition 2 (newly installed Ubuntu), partition 1 (Moblin), and hard drive 2 (Old ubuntu install). I need some backing on this one, if this will work, YAY!. If it won't, darn.
So basically you want to set up 2 operating systems on 1 drive? You can do that. In fact, I had 3 operating systems on 1 drive before.

Just make sure you do it in that order... Moblin/Ubuntu. But don't go nuts editing grub. After Ubuntu installs, reboot the system and make sure you can boot to both operating systems. If you can - why edit grub?

Good luck!
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