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Im currently running a really basic setup, I have WinXP and Dos installed and when I boot up my machine I have a choice beetween the two. However now id like to add Win98SE as well. All I need to know is if I install 98SE normally, onto the harddrive will I recieve any problems? What do I need to look out for and be weary of :p

Thanks in advance!
If you already have a dual boot menu with XP and dos, i would just install 98 in the dos partition. you still have access to dos by restarting in dos mode, and you wont have to mess with your boot.ini file to allow triple booting.
yea, if you have your Dos partition large enough, it uses the same as Win98 (FAT) versues the XP (NTFS) if not, just make the dos partition larger and just install 98se under that partition...??
I think you will have to partition you hard drive, like Dante says partition magic is good.

As for the installation windows is ok if you install 98 then XP but I think you may have probs the other way round.
you don't have to partition the drive if you can convert the NTFS file system to FAT32, so you can install Windows 98 on it; when you install it you would install to a different directory (eg C:\Win98)
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