Dual boot - does it work

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I know that it is possible to create a dual boot system by creating another partition in your HD or summing... I want to get the hang of linux but want to stick with Windows too, because i know how to use windows.

Looking at various hardware devices i have seen things saying 'works with Win98, ME, 2000 etc...' so am i going to have to make sure that all of my hardware will work with linux. I'm not too woried about things like printers and scanners - just the stuff in the box, sound cards, graphics cards, modems etc.

Cheers for any help.

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if you are interested in learning linux, my suggestion is get an older box an install mandrake or redhat on it, or if you wanted to you could try vmware or cygwin and install it on the same pc. cygwin is only a text based command line but thats what you wanna learn the other is all point and click! =o)



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I hav windows XP Pro and linux suse 8.2 it works great.SUSE will make a partition for its own system with daul boot.But it would better to get partition magic to build a second partition it is safer that way.Sometimes linux screws up your windows partition.
and with partition magic you can make the second linux so then your all ready to go.Hope this helps.Later Pat
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