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So I dropped my laptop, and now when windows boots, it just has device this/driver that failing left and right until it finally gives me my happy ending of bsod. I disk a chkdsk twice now and it deletes/fixes/repairs endless things. One thing being "resetting usn info". I have done that twice, and both times it has found tons of mistakes. It seams pretty obvious to me that it is my hard drive, would just like to make sure...THANKS!
hard drives are extremely sensitive to shock. the read/write heads sit literally a fraction of the width of a hair above the platters. hard drives are also air tight. if a piece of dust were to make it's way inside, it would be devastating to the drive. imagine what dropping it does.

was the computer on when it was dropped?
Yes sir, it was on. But get this, removed a 2gb stick of ram, and the comp seams to be running fine. Only prob is I AM ON VISTA WITH 1GB OF RAM! lol. Totally fun and awesome.
I'd also suggest checking out the hard drive. Most modern drives have a little onboard diagnostic called SMART. If you can access the SMART status (either through BIOS or some sort of disk utility) then it can indicate whether there is a likely hardware fault on the drive or not.
I've personally not had many good experiences with SMART - the only time I have seen any SMART errors has been quite litterally a few minutes before a couple of hard disks died so it wasnt much use to me!

Going back to the problem in hand... do you hear any strange noises that you hadn't noticed before you dropped it? Any clunking or clicking sort of noises as if so this will confirm a physical problem with your hard disk.

What I would strongly advise you though (if you've not done so already) is to backup all your work/data on your computer to either a USB memory stick or an external hard drive as a precaution.
Well I just got like 10k of poker hand history files but that is about it. I need to get my game pc fixed, it is literally just sitting with a 4870 in it. Anyways, thanks guys. It was def the ram.
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