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Hi all!

Looking for some advice here.

I'm currently working for a startup. The concept is to provide an on-demand platform where people who need help can get help instantly, and people who are tech savvy can make extra money by leveraging their tech expertise to help those who are less knowledgeable. This is more so geared towards basic troubleshooting/tech support type of use cases (connecting a printer, setting up a wifi network, transferring mobile content, etc.).

We are still in the early stages--not live yet. Right now, looking to collect data on price (how much people would want to get paid per issue resolved).

We currently have a survey on our website right now to get this data. The issue is getting enough data, so we've turned to Adwords and FB ads to drive visibility. Unfortunately, we're getting visibility but very poor conversions. One possible roadblock is that we are requiring a double conversion (conversion #1: collecting first name and email address; conversion #2: completed survey). I'm sure our copy/ads could probably use some work as well..

Ironically, none of us have that much experience with SEO/marketing. Any advice or feedback on what types of keywords or strategies we should try for? Any other ad channels we should be testing out? We're needing thousands of responses in order to get reliable data to make pricing decisions on... and we're nowhere close.

We've tried keyword planner, and it didn't quite deliver the reach we were looking for. If it helps to take a look at the website, here is a link: https://goo.gl/aBq4v4.

Thanks in advance!
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