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Hi, I have compared 3 of the best(IMHO)Driver Updaters on the Web.
Driver Booster(Iobit)+DriverEasy & Driver Updater(Outbyte) all paid versions.
I would recommend DriverEasy & Driver Updater from Outbyte Computing Pty Ltd(Australia).
I have used all 3 apps on my Windows Laptop 1.5 years old, for 6 Months.
Of course, I have been careful & not just updated everything just because the program said so.
I have checked every time with Manufacturers Websites, and I have not found any anomalies whatsoever
The first place goes to Driver Updater(which also recommends Tweaks on your PC, follow them or not, I did not)who managed to update drivers up to 4 years of age, has a very nice UI that everyone can understand+in the program there is a lot of explanations on why you should this & that.
Second place goes to DriverEasy because every Driver just like in DriverBooster is Microsoft approved, & it is so "Easy" to use DriverEasy.
Last, oh yes DriverBooster, I guess I am not an Iobit Fan, & never will be.
Thanks if you find the time to read this, I hope you will post perhaps regarding your own experience with or without Driver Software.:)
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