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i recently gotten a virus in my computer and it installed maybe about a thousand programs, so i did a system restore on my computer. It got rid of the problem but now there is a new one that has occured. I remember when my computer restarted that a lot of pop ups showed up saying that "something".dl is not responding. so i don't think about twice and proceed with installing my surfboard. i install the thing and it tells me that it isn't finding any internet connection meanwhile all my lights are on my surfboard and my lights on my router also i have internet on my other computer in my house which is the one i am typing on. Another thing that pisses me off is that it won't reconize my on-board soundcard which came with the computer itself. i have done all so far in my knowledge of computers, which is very little compared to people on this site and i am about to smash my fash into my desk. anyone that helps me gets a bj...or anything else they want. thx


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What kind of virus was it, do you recall?

If you still have your windows disc, try doing a repair. Some files might have gotten damaged or deleted.


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Did you reinstall with a Windows disk, or a restore disk from the Computer Manufacturer?

It sounds like you need to reinstall all of the drivers for your computer, including the ethernet driver.

On another note, do another virus scan as soon as possible because some viruses can hide in the boot sector of the hard drive and will return when you format.


It is also possible that the virus was resident in your Restore Point file, once you have scanned with an AV and are certain your pc is clean you might like to run sfc /scannow which is the XP system file checker, this will repair any corrupt Windows system files without having to run a repair install. My guess would be that this shared .dll is from one of the deleted pop up spyware/malware that you have already partially removed. I would also run Adaware SE and Spybot Search and Destroy (or your preferred anti spyware programme) You do not specify what your AV is, so if it has allowed you to become infected once I would seriously look at it's capabilities, there are many good online scans, my preferred at the moment is BitDefender but there are lots of others, Trend Micro Housecall and Panda Activescan to name a couple.
Once that is complete you need to open Device Manager (Right click My Computer > Properties > Hardware tab > Device Manager and look to see if any of your devices have a yellow ! mark next to them, if there are some present you will probably need to reinstall their drivers.

To run sfc /scannow:
1/. Insert your XP cd , cancel auto run
2/. Start > run
3/. Type in sfc /scannow (note the space between sfc and the /, failure to type this correctly will result in no scan)