Driver problem


Beta member

I've recently replaced my old mobo/cpu with a DFI lanparty nF3 250gb and an athlon64 3200+

the onboard nvidia network controller gives me the error that drivers are not installed for the device, and when i reinstall it or try to install drivers i get this error at the end:

"An error occured in the installation of this device
The name is already in use as a service name or a service display name"

everytime i reinstall it, it adds a number, so far it's at nVidia network ect. #9.

i checked services and it's not there, any suggestions? I've tried the provided drivers, as well as drivers from nVidia's and DFI's sites.

Win2k SP4
DFI LanpartyUT 250gb
1gb Kingston DDR333 HyperX
AMD Athlon64 3200+
ATI 9600xt