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Recently upgraded to Asus A7N8X DeLuxe Motherboard with an AMD 3000 cpu and 512MB PC3200 Ram

I have two hard drives "C" and "D" on each of which I have installed XP Pro, but each has differing programs and data. I installed "C" first, then "D".

The problem is that the boot default is now drive "D" and I can find no way to change the default to "C". The BIOS setup gives no help in this matter.

Anyone have a solution please?
Sorry, haven't a clue and don't know how to find out. They are both internal drives and, in the days of using an A7V333 I could change, in BIOS setup, the order in which the drives would be booted.
MB is asking if there is a Flat grey ribbon cable that connects directly to the Motherboard , or if there is an adaptor that connects to the Hard drive and on the other end a smaller black connector that attaches to the Motherboard,,

Reason being,, I believe MB is wondering if you have a RAID configuration in effect,, which ,, if you inadvertently set up ,, could potentially be mirroring the drives,, making two ,, act as One,,

Yes, there is a flat grey connector with two sockets which connects to both drives. My drives are shown individually during boot-up, but the first and default drive is "D" and I have to select drive "C" and I want it the other way round!
There is a 16 wat flat cable from Motherboard on which there are two 16 way sockets to fit to the two drives. I would love to set "C" as the master. This is precisely what I need to do and could do from Setup when I had A7V333 motherboard. I have two completely new (after full re-formatting) XP pro set-ups "C" first then "D" which following an upgrade I re-installed from scratch and used Norton Ghost to transfer files from older drives.

Why do I have two drives with XP pro? Well there are several reasons - XP pro is not bery reliable and has failed on me several times, and with a "good" second drive I can sort out problems on the first. Also I have differing requirements on each drive with different programmes and data
Thanks for trying to assist. I have sorted this out in "boot.ini"
which I found access to from "System"

Took a long time for a junior techie to resolve this. Microbell might have been able to assist quicker - who knows!
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