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I have installed and configured Download Accelerator, but when I want to download a file, it doesn't activate - Internet Explorer's download window appears. I tried GetRight, and the result was the same - what could be the problem? I use win XP and IE 6.
Configure DAP to start downloading on certain file extensions (which is easily configured through the options)
All the various extensions are listed in the "start downloading..." box, and DAP is integrated into IE, but nothing happens - DAP just doesn't activate.
no, u see... (pardon me if I'm mistaking) like g4ce meant, you should add (write by your own) the extention (like adding *.exe, *.dat *.php, and so..).
anyway, if you already tried it, you can simply left click on the shortcut and select 'copy shortcut' in dap, or select 'Download with dap'..
Thanks guys, it turned out that my firewall (Zone Alarm) was blocking access. I changed the settings and it's OK now.
Did you know.. DAP Has Spyware in it?
I ran Ad-Aware and it Found it.. Yet i know it was Daps's since i don't have anyother apps like that.
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