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Hope someone can help me, somehow I disabled the menu prompt that came up when you download a file to be able to specify a location for the file when you save it to disk. All it does now is saves it to disk automatically but I don't know where it downloads it to. Does anyone know how to enable this option for the prompt before download. Thanks in advance for any help. I'm running XP o/s. :cool:
Using IE6, in the tools command is the option to "reset web settings..."

Try that.

hehe that happend on my windows 98 se comp.. well i cant tell u how to fix it but the file is saved in ur temp folder... if u cant find it just do a search on ur comp with the file name
ok Here it goes

choose your internet options
then advanced

then choose give notice when download ends.
(freely translated sorry don't know the exact words have a dutch version of windows)

in dutch is says
Melding weergeven wanneer downloaden voltooid is

Hope it helps
Thanks all for the info, that's what I needed. It's now back working. :cool:
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