Dos bootdisk for winxp

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Hay all another new dummy with some experience.
Was reading on the WINXP tips site where the gentlemen found a way to create a dos bootdisk for xp. "Where" I've been in every folder, subfolder, I have no hair left.
Can any one help me out.
Good Help

Thank you Ecniv from the best retirement place for the Rich.
Me I'm gonna go home to retire, Black Hills of South Dakota.
Born is sturgis. Try to stay away from there, to many city folks.

God bless all and you all are great.


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Well that didn't work. Back to the drawing board. I will figure out how to put a picture on this board if it kills me.
Put it in IMG Tags with [ ] around em.
There is a trace of DOS

In the run window type "cmd" and you get to what there is and you can do wonders from there.:bald:
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