Doom III E3 alpha leaked

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Yes, you may have seen this all over the web on Halloween... the famous 'bathroom stage' from the Doom3 E3 alpha demo is included with the leak.

Though I don't have any download links as of yet, you can find it on Edonkey (link available at sharereactor) or look on kazaa. Please note that the actual size is 364mb, NOT the 435mb lying around kazaa... that would be the fake. The whole alpha uncompresses to 1.04 GB.

The 380 MB one over at sharereactor is also the authentic one.

Though the game at this stage is still a very-WIP, only download this if your system is up to snuff or if you want to see your powerful new 2.8 GHz system get shredded. :D

From what I've seen, the engine is VERY graphics card dependent, so most likely only Radeon 9700 users will be able to enjoy it in its full glory.

Have fun searching and playing it. :)
No biggie, it appears some high-end graphics card users are suffering from the horrible framerate, at resolutions above 800×600.

Nevertheless, it's more like a test release; slow and not very user friendly. I'm pretty sure this will save your time from the horror. ;)

I don't think the horror of the 3 levels included can compensate for the buggy test release. ;)
hiya there, I've it.. I'll tell you how it is after I test it, if it can work my stupid computer...
I got it yesterday, and it's amazing. The game hogs resources like crazy.

The game has 3 levels btw.

Anyway, cant wait for the final thing to come out, it's going to be awesome.
A friend of mine has it. Resource hog is right!, He has 768mb ddr, and it was using 1300mb.

It was dipping into his VM, and he was only getting 12fps!
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