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Ok I now keep getting this error message saying ENCMONTR out of memory. Also the other error that keeps coming up reads "Don't Panic was unable to locate a required dll(Panic32/PanicNT) anyone know what these mean??? Please help!! Ever since this error message has arose my HD space has mysteriously became full from 7.5GB to 12.6GB and I can no longer enable System Restore because everytime I uncheck the disable system restore and the computer restarts it always comes back as being disabled once again. I don't know what is up with my computer so anyone can help please do!!!

So it is Pop Up Stopper that is causing the problem that is the only thing by Panic Ware I have installed???
Jeez, thats not something everyone wants to do, for something as small as this some troubleshooting is in order.

I would uninstall the panicware product, it soulds like thats whats causing the issue.
Yeah, same for me. I would not format and re-install unless it was a last ditch effort.

Uninstall everything "panic" and then do a search and make sure everything "panic" is gone. Usaully when a product does something like that there will still be traces in the registry. If you are compfortable with using regedit, go through and manually do a search and remove everything "panic".

And as for vdalian, man, that is terrible advice, you shouldn't tell people to do that unless they HAVE to, some people really don't know what else to do and they will reformat for the smallest thing.

That's just my two cents.
Don't Panic Pop-Up Stopper: Full removal

Click Start, and then click Run.
In the Open box, type msconfig, and then click OK.
Click the Startup tab.

The Startup tab lists items that load at startup from the Startup folder and the registry. You can select the configuration files that you do not want to load when you restart the computer.

Unclick the dpps2 and hit Apply. Then Reboot.

Program Name: Don't Panic Pop-Up Stopper

Executable Name: dpps2.exe

Required: User's choice

Comments: Pop-UpStopper Companion from Panicware. Pop-up blocker integrated into theIE toolbar. Note that the Pro version doesn't load in startup as it isinstalled as an Internet Explorer toolbar. Can cause problems with IE ifyou use WinXP and uninstall Service Pack 1. Uninstalling the softwareleaves it in the startup group
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