does my motherboard have a agp slot?

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I just bought a motherboard off the net and I thought that there was a AGP slot in it. When i got it, I opened it up and there was no agp slot on it. But on the motherboard there was wiring for the agp slot and a hole on each end of the slot.
SO, can I buy a AGP slot for the motherboard-literally?????

my mobo is a
Nope, you have onboard video, no agp slot, call the company, and get an RMA
I'm not exactly sure if on your motherboard if it's even possible to solder a replacement AGP, that is, if it is supported by the Northbridge and there is space for it... but nonetheless I suggest getting another mobo which actually contains an AGP slot.

Instead of going through all that cr*p with AGP, just get your hands on a PCI graphics card. This option is good if you want to get your system up as quickly as possible without further hassle. Although, on the other side of the coin, AGP is faster and is the dedicated computer graphics port, If your going to be heavy on the graphics. Buy a new board with AGP.

more like, if you EVER plan on doing any gaming, get an agp port, NO good graphics cards come out for PCI anymore.
That's true because the bus speeds for PCI is considerably slower than AGP. It's a case of cost/performance.

VDALIAN - What are you gonna be using your system for?

Just these days the new mobo's with no replacement AGP slot are designed for very cheap machines or in the OEM's - only real reason to consider them is the naive 'Joe-AOL' guy who only needs a computer for surfing the web and nothing else.
I would use the computer for cad and hardcore games like the new doom that will come out
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