does monitor refresh rate affect fps?


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so i was testing different resolutions and refresh rates and noticed something odd

i have a 4k 60hz monitor that i used to play
bought an msi QHD 170hz monitor from costco to see if i can get more of those sweet frames per second
turns out my dell is against it

im getting higher fps on higher resolution and i dont know enough about this to figure out why
1080p resolution im getting 130fps
qhd im getting 138 on msi and 160 on lg
4k on lg im getting 150-165fps

i bought the msi so i can up my fps above 60 btut it seems like higher refresh rate on the monitor is pulling more load on the gpu

when i play on 4k monitor at 60hz without frame cap it plays around 140-380fps or something like that

so i tried lowering the refresh rate on MSI and my fps went up when i set it at 60hz instead of 165-170

but i didnt notice this on my old gaming pc with i9-9900k and 2080super card
i lowered the resolution and fps increased like it should
Depending on the game, make sure render resolution is at 100. Make sure upscaling is disabled. Changing your refresh rate won't change your FPS. If your FPS is going up as you increase resolution then something else is going on, especially at 4k.
what i meant is as i change the actual refesh rate on a monitor my fps is changing as well with same resolution

when i gradually lowered the resolution on my monitor from 160 to 60 and set the in game fps at 160. my fps increased as i lowered the refresh rate..
i found that strange also
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