Does any1 know?


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Hey, i was wondering if their is a wireless device out their that picks up any internet signal in the area.


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Verizon Wireless has one for laptops. You have to pay like 80 bucks a month though.

If you are sayin leaching off people who have unsecure wifi networks. Then any 802.11x card will do that. You just put you comp to obtain from DHCP and then drive around until it tells you that you have a connection


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Yep there is a underculture for it.

They mark sidwalks with chalk win places that you can get internet from for free.

Never tried it. But novell is just a few miles away and if i had a laptop i could go over their and use their massive connection. They dont even have something that prevents it.


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they call it war driving in the underculture thing, and it relates specifically to hacking unsecure corperate networks.

but if you go to some Cafes (and now even apparantly some MCDonalds) they offer wireless internet access for free.

I also heard they are going to pioneer a scheme in central london where they put wireless base stations into lampposts etc to give innercity free internet access.


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also WEP I know is flawed and also you can get a sniffer that also can decript keys. In fact most people leave thier access points on the defualt key value.

sniffers can get in too.


Yeh war driving makes me drulee :p Can you just do it with a normal pc? Im getting my wireless hooked up at xmas for all our pc's to be online..and im sure that some neighbours have wireless..could a normal pci card maybe pick up any?