Do you think this would catch on???

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lol, they will never get people to pay for downloaded music. Every time they kill 1 napster, 5 more pop up to take its place.
I'd rather get 'em for free from some other program.

Like Ecn said, one napster is gone, more take its place. :p
Honestly, I was very dissappointed last year when "audiogalaxy" sold out!:( Alot of the music I have downloaded I have tried to buy for years... much of it discontinued or not available. Very frustrating. The other thing I like is that I can download something to give it a listen and if I like it, I will go out and get the cd. Nothing I hate more than buying a new cd and only likeing one tune on it. I wouldn't pay for downloaded music.. however, being able to order custom various cd's from the companies would be right up my ally:)
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