Do you like it when you're life sucks?

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mmmmm beer.

what is the popular beer over there Ã…nubis?

My fav here is Pyramid wheat, and guiness but only occasionally.

When I'm bummed I try and distract myself w/ shiny objects or start a new obsession.

Look at the Catholic Bishop of Arizona that got caught today doing a hit and run (also was recently in trouble for witholding evidence in the sex scandal). The 42 yo man he hit died. you got to be doin' better than that Bishop!

Also, you could live in N. Korea and have Monkeypox!

Cheer up!
Two words...


... and if you don't know what that is, it's very good Tequilla.
I prefer mediatation. It relaxes me more than beer and it's free. That and very violent video games.
GTA: VC is great for me. Has a heavy metal radio station, plenty of cars and guns, chicks in bikinis, and lots of places for stunts.
Ã…nubis said:
Personally Guinness is my favourite.

But lager-wise it's probably Carling 'cos it's one of the cheapest and does the job!

Bet the media are having a field day in Arizona eh chalk?

Yah, the news media over here is having a field day...especially with the war of course, and the riot in Michigan, Catholic Bishop problem, and various other weirdness. It is really hard to believe these things are actually happening! I'm sure the media is absolutely besides themselves with all the bad news. It's a wonder that people are feeling depressed. *takes a swig of Guy's Tequilla* *pops zoloft*
/start commercial

Tequilla and Zoloft... the ULTRA anti-depressant!!

/end commercial

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