Do I need a new netbook battery?


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I'm currently trying to decide if I should spend the $50+ for a new battery.

I have had an acer netbook for a little over a year. I used to fully charge it up, and then unplug it and let the battery run down all the way. Well for the last couple months, I have always left it plugged in since it would only be able to charge up fully to 14%. I also bought a cooling fan unit that would hook up beneath it since it would get too hot.

The last couple weeks I had to continually adjust the wire charger into the netbook before it would finally start charging.

About a week ago, I of course had the charger plugged into the netbook, but it was no longer recognizing it, and wouldnt charge at all, and now wont turn on at all.

I'm no computer expert, so do you think replacing the battery with a new one would fix the problem, or does it sound like an internal problem with this netbook?

It's not like I always carry this on go, but always stays in on my desk so have never dropped it or anything to that effect.

This same thing happened to my last laptop, in almost the same exact fashion as this netbook in that I mean once the battery got too low, I would have to continually adjust the charger port into the computer until it would finally start charging until it would no longer charge.

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Sounds to me like you need a new charger if you have to keep adjusting the wire to get it to charge.


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adjusting the wire sounds more like a problem with the power connector on the system itself - a bad/faulty connector on the mainboard would cause this. Try replacing the battery first - if all else fails, you'll have a spare battery or you can take it back to the store.

If that doesn't work, look for an inexpensive AC adapter (universals work fine if you buy them from a reputable store) and give that a shot. If both batteries have the same problem with both AC adapters, then the problem would likely be with the charger receptacle.


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I have had this problem with a computer that I was working on. It sounds like you have 2 problems, The battery may be dead but there is no point to getting a new battery until you fix the first problem.

Your issue with wiggling the cord is usually not the power adapter, but the internal power pin has become loose or the wiring has broken. Those are some of the most delicate parts, even a little bump in the wrong spot can make them begin to die. Take it into your local computer store and have them hookup a new AC adapter to try to see if that is the problem otherwise the parts can be replaced internally.

If it is an internal issue you should be looking at about a $40 fix maybe a little more depending on the parts cost. If the new AC adapter works then just buy a new battery.