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I will give you the gist of the problem so you can tell me what other information you need to help me.

I'm running Windows XP Media on a Dell Inspiron 6000, Centrino certified with built in a/b/g wireless.

When I'm on a network, say school, my inlaws', a network I sniffed, I can use the default option for TCP/IP to use default DNS servers and leave those fields blank.

WHen I'm on my home network I have to enter specific alternate DNS servers to use. This is frustrating as it doesn't remember the last DNS servers used and I must retype them every time.

I have a cable connection to a linksys WRTP54g VoIP wireless router. THe thing is that it didn't configure properly from their setup CD or the updated online version so I had to call them to fix it. I think they had me change stuff and got a workaround as opposed to actually correcting the problem.

As I'm typing, I have a printer and a desktop wired into the router and I'm connected wirelessly. My IP address is

For Linksys routers, the standard IP address to access the router is but (and I don't know how I know this) to access it on mine I have to use

DDNS is disabled -Don't know what that is.

I'm not sure what else you need to know. Let me know.

*Update - In the router's status page DNS1 and DNS2 have values; the IP addresses I normally have to type in.

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