DNS Server issues in Win 2003 Svr


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Republic of Texas
Basically, I can't get the client CPU's to see the server, which I believe is an internal DNS issue.

DHCP is hosted on the Server (Windows Server 2003 R2). DNS servers are the defaults of the ISP. At first, all was fine and well, but now the computers can't see the server, and the mapped drives became unavailable almost spontaneously. The network has a cable modem, which feeds into a wireless router, DHCP disabled, which then feeds out to the patch panel and Server. When pinging out from the server (ping 192.168.0.*) it can see each of the computers, but when I try to ping using the computer name itself (ping <Comp name>) it errors out. Thus the assumption DNS has an issue here. I tried running the DNS server with a Forward lookup zone pointing to itself, then to the two DNS servers provided by the ISP. This didn't fix anything. So I unloaded the DNS server role from the server, went back in DHCP, and pointed them to the original two DNS Servers provided by the ISP, and haven't been able to troubleshoot the issue since the server is the only one running, and I'm RDPing into the server offsite currently.

Anyone have any suggestions?