DNS/Router/Network/Internet prob

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DNS/Router/Network/Internet prob:

The network: Server is running Win2K Server. 9 client workstations, all running WinXP Pro. Static IPÂ’s. Running activity directory. D-Link 10/100 16-port switch.

Comcast came in yesterday and installed a Cisco router. Apparently, itÂ’s a modem/router combo because the coax cable (we have commercial cable service) is connected right to it. The tech assigned the router an IP in our scope (192.168.8.x). When he was done, he came over to me and gave me the gateway address he assigned to the router, and the ISPÂ’s primary and alternate DNS server addresses. I made the changes to the network settings on my workstation, and BAM! I had Internet access. Life was grand. I also made the necessary network config changes to 2 other workstations. We were all happy. We shut our computers down for the night.

When we restarted and logged-in this morning, we immediately noticed that it took a very long time to hit the desktop after logging in. After that, we had no access to our mapped network drives, and the computer would lock-up when trying to open up “My Computer”. One error message I received when trying to open a mapped drive was something about the connection could not be enabled, and to make sure that I had access to the server that authenticated me.(?) This problem only exists on the 3 machines I made the network config changes to…additionally, if I delete the DNS server IP address from each workstation and then restart, I have no network problems at all.

…So, I’m guessing this has something to do with DNS…I have no idea what, though. One thing perhaps worth noting…we are running Active Directory. The domain name is “local”, not “local.com”. When I was setting up Active Directory, it wouldn’t accept a domain name with the “.com” suffix. We do have webpage for which we have a registered domain name, but it is hosted by Valueweb. Additionally, Comcast assigned us a static, public IP…I haven’t been able to ping that address, and I can’t hit it through my Internet Explrorer.

HELP!!!! PLEASE!!!! Any ideas?
since the technician installed the new router, did that change the gateway or did it just use a gateway that was already present within that network config?
When i set the network up, we didn't have Internet access (we are operating that way for about 45 days). I had entered the IP of the server as the gateway on each workstation (but as I mentioned, we never really had one until the router came in on Thursday)

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